Sounds of Kolachi is our very own band from Karachi and they have just released their new song Jaag Karachi. We all know that SOK is all about the true spirit and realness of Karachi. Their forte as a band is to bring forward the sociological aspects and fusing them with music. And that’s exactly why Sounds of Kolachi is never your regular music band making regular music. But rather a mindful and meaningful one. Their new song Jaag Karachi isn’t just the voice of Karachi but a very woke vision that this band holds for their city.
In this song they tell a tale about corruption, hardships, loopholes and the ignorance that prevails coming from the authorities. A very raw and real picture painted through their music. The artists behind this phenomenal audio/visual journey are Paras Masror , Sami Amiri , Ahsan Bari and Nimra Rafiq. This powerhouse and the voices behind it just released something that will have you hooked.

The song is available on Sounds of Kolachi official YouTube channel:
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