Farheen Raza Jaffry, Gemini Djs, and Lil Mucid are some of the artists in the initial ‘class’ of the program
Today, Spotify is excited to announce a brand new partnership program for independent artists in Pakistan. Centered around the Fresh Finds Pakistan playlist, the program’s focus is on helping developing artists learn, collaborate, and grow, giving them the tools for long-term, sustained career success.

Since its global launch in 2016, Fresh Finds has playlisted over 25,000 artists, with their average monthly listeners increasing by 108% in the 28-days following the add, compared to the previous 28-days. For artists whose first Spotify editorial playlist is Fresh Finds, over 44% go on to be added to another editorial playlist on Spotify.

Among the artists in the initial ‘class’ of Fresh Finds Pakistan are Farheen Raza Jaffry, Gemini Djs, and Lil Mucid. These up-and-comers will be provided with a substantial suite of opportunities including:

● Education & Access to Resources: Each artist will have access to an array of tools and opportunities to accelerate their careers, including personalized Masterclasses and mentorship, Spotify for Artists resources, and more.

● Marketing Support: Artists that will be part of Fresh Finds Pakistan will be supported across different verticals. From first-hand editorial and platform support, such as the many curated playlists on Spotify, in addition to bespoke social promotion that allows fans around the world to discover their music.
Fresh Find Pakistan will be added to the global hub which features up to 15 new regional Fresh Finds playlists from all over the world including Brazil, Spain, Australia/ NZ, UK/IE, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore/ Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Italy, Germany/Switzerland/Austria, South Korea, and Turkey, to further Spotify’s mission of helping developing artists find a global fanbase.

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