AAA Associates, a leading group of Companies, has announced the completion of 6 out of 9 construction projects within a record period of 6 years. The remaining 3 projects are under construction, to be completed within a year. AAA Associates holds great trust among the investors primarily because of the timely deliverance, acquiring land at the prime location, designing and construction of state-of-the-art residential and commercial buildings with unparalleled amenities. The six delivered projects are AAA RIVERIA, AAA Akron, ARCADE I, ARCADE II, ARCADE III, and Haseen Arcade based in the heart of Bahria Town Islamabad. Under construction projects are AAA Thirteen and AAA Business Center.

AAA OCTA offers great returns on investments with consummate facilities and adds unique architectural design to the twin cities. AAA Associates takes care of the most important element of property i.e. location. All construction projects are strategically located keeping in view the contemporary commercial and residential requirements.
AAA Riveria is situated at one of the most significant and striking locations in Bahria Town i.e. Spring North Commercial. As the name suggests, it is right on the top of a river and offers breathtaking views. It is part of a twin tower project by AAA Associates which is going to be the first mini-mall of Bahria Town. It is also considered the most exceptional location for commercial activities especially startups. The whole property is well planned and well placed to add value to the investors.

AAA Akron is aesthetically the most beautiful project in the entire Bahria Town. It is located on a hilltop that offers mesmerizing night views of the beautiful city of Rawalpindi. The luxury apartments in Akron are sophisticatedly furnished and offer enchanting views of DHA and Bahria Town.

Arcade 1 is another spectacular commercial as well as a residential project. This amazing building is situated right next to Arcade 2, in the heart of Theme Park Commercial, Bahria Town Phase 7. The building is located next to the well-known hypermarkets and popular international and national food chains of Pakistan. AAA Arcade II is a project that stands magnificently in the hub of the largest commercial zone of Bahria Town. Not only it is located next to the top food brands, but also close to the basic commodities like banks, hospitals, schools, theme parks, and a famous supermarket such as Green Valley. Arcade II hosts Nando’s, the only branch of the world’s favorite grilled chicken eatery in Rawalpindi. AAA Arcade III is a project that is ideal for both commercial spaces & residential purposes. The building is located at the central position, between Bahria and DHA that further creates investment opportunities for investors from all over Pakistan.
AAA Thirteen is situated in the heart of Bahria Town Phase 7, near Nando’s, Green Valley, KFC, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Hardees, and Burger King. Construction will be completed within a year.

Haseen Arcade (Marketing) is located in Bahria Phase 4 Rawalpindi; the first project of AAA Associates. The project is completely sold out.

AAA Business Center is located at the junction of Bahria Town Phase 7 and 8 that has direct access to Islamabad Motorway which is why the Business Centre has become the commercial face of Rawalpindi. It includes a rooftop restaurant with enthralling views, a shopping center offering the best fashion brands of Pakistan, and above all, it possesses an elite project known as the Executive Club. The Executive club membership will be offered to our investors in the Business Centre and Riveria, holding assets on the club floor. The club offers indoor sports, a mini theatre, an e-sports arena, Bahria’s largest fitness center, spa, pool, horseback riding, and numerous other activities. It will be completed in quarter 1 2022.
AAA OCTA, revolutionizing the real estate industry, is a project that fulfills the promise of luxury enmeshed with the highest standards of living. It is one of the biggest projects of Rawalpindi, comprising a unique architectural structure and a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle. This splendid project integrates both commercial and residential areas which are aesthetically and meticulously designed to cater to the needs of our clients. Hotel suite apartments with astonishing facades and dazzling finishes make AAA OCTA stand as an architectural wonder. Continuing its legacy, AAA Associates has achieved another landmark by hosting Pearl Continental Hotel at AAA OCTA, one of the most renowned and esteemed hotel chains of Pakistan. AAA OCTA is a project insured by one of the most reliable and well-known insurance companies of Pakistan, as AAA Associates believe in ensuring and protecting the interests of our prestigious clients. This phenomenal project endorses our claims of providing premier services with the introduction of Mall of Streets (pedestrian shopping streets) which will become the hub of activities and hustle-bustle in the twin cities.

AAA Associates has a legacy of delivered promises and an ever more glorious future as they believe in timely deliverance of top-notch quality products.
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