Floods across country has caused 1400 deaths till now and to cater the damage being caused; Infinix is providing urgent support for the restoration of flood affected areas. Contributing towards the sustainability of the nation, Infinix Flood-Relief Drive has donated Rs. 5 million for responding to this catastrophe on crucial basis. Through this initiative, Infinix will also be taking further steps in future to ensure immediate and appropriate help for the flood victims.
Infinix Flood Relief Drive is currently providing food, shelter, hygienic products, mosquito repellents and medical aid to flood victims in order to overcome this natural calamity and its resulting challenges. It also aims to reach out to the flood-rehabilitation centers soon, in order to understand the ongoing needs better.

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The CEO of Infinix Mr.Joe Hu expressed his views saying: “Infinix is fully committed to contribute for rehabilitating millions of flood-victims, in the aftermath of the debilitating floods. We at Infinix suggest that everyone must donate for the wellbeing of our unfortunate brethren, who are suffering due to a historic national disaster and this humanitarian effort must not stop till the nation gets back on a progressive trajectory’’
Five Million Rupees of initial donation from Infinix has already been released for catering the needs of flood victims, while its official distributor ‘’Innovi’’ also supports this humanitarian initiative. ‘’We are standing in solidarity with the flood victims so that we can prosper together as a nation once again’’; said Mr. Zeeshan Mianoor CEO Inovi Telecom.
Millions of properties, crops, livestock and infrastructure have been destroyed, leaving more than 20 million people without food, shelter and income. Through Infinix Flood-Relief Drive and as an accountable global enterprise, Infinix also aims inspires the global community for ensuring environmental-sustainability, as fighting ‘Climate-Change’ is a collective responsibility for everyone.
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