Pakistan's Price Crunch Tightens Grip: Eggs Reach Record Highs
Pakistan’s Price Crunch Tightens Grip: Eggs Reach Record Highs

Shocking price hikes in Punjab’s capital city paint a grim picture of Pakistan’s economic struggles. Eggs, a staple food for many, have reached a record-breaking PKR 400 per dozen, surpassing the government’s fixed rate by more than double. Chicken prices follow suit, soaring to PKR 615 per kg.

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This skyrocketing trend extends beyond poultry. Onions, another commonly used ingredient, cost a hefty PKR 230-250 per kg, again defying the government’s PKR 175 cap. Local authorities seem powerless to enforce price lists, leaving citizens to shoulder the burden of inflation.

Adding to the economic woes, Pakistan’s debt burden reached a staggering PKR 63,399 trillion by November 2023. This alarming figure represents an increase of over PKR 12.4 trillion since the current government took office, highlighting a concerning trend of mounting debt.

World Bank officials raise further red flags. They deem Pakistan’s economic model “ineffective” and warn of widening inequality. The report underscores that past poverty reduction gains are slipping away, indicating an unsustainable development path focused on the elite.

These converging crises paint a worrying picture for Pakistan’s future. Urgent action is needed to tame inflation, curb debt, and foster inclusive economic growth. Only then can the country hope to address the concerns of its people and secure a brighter economic outlook.

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