Will Apple Open an Assembly Plant in Pakistan?

Companies that make smartphones are increasing their operations in Pakistan. Major manufacturers such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, and a few others are already building smartphones in-house, which is gradually lowering the cost of mobile phones. However, Apple, one of the world’s largest phone manufacturers, may be coming to Pakistan as well. Javed Afridi, the Chairman of Peshawar Zalmi and the CEO of Haier, has stated that he has previously spoken with Apple about local production in Pakistan.
Javed Afridi is also credited with bringing the British carmaker MG to Pakistan. He claims that they already have a manufacturing plant in Pakistan, although this claim has yet to be proven. MG’s prices in Pakistan have yet to reflect this. 


Already in touch with @Apple !

— Javed Afridi (@JAfridi10) March 11, 2022

Pakistani import taxes are at an all-time high. This is why non-locally produced smartphones are so expensive. In Pakistan, for example, iPhones are substantially more expensive than they are elsewhere.
However, once local manufacturing begins, prices are likely to gradually decline over time. At first, there will be little difference in prices, but the tendency will increase over time. However, there has been no confirmation from Apple as of yet, so don’t put your money on it just yet.


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