Cheezious Pakistan Teams Up with Cola Next to Empower Pakistani businesses
Cheezious Pakistan Teams Up with Cola Next to Empower Pakistani businesses

Cheezious, partners up with Cola Next Pakistan in order to support and promote local Pakistani enterprises.

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Cola Next, a fairly-new beverage venture by Mezan Beverages Private Limited, which also provide a wonderful range like Fizup Next, Rango Next, they also have some really original and great tasting fruity flavors like lychee Next and Anar Next, storm for energy as well.

To assist Cola Next in reaching its goals and advancing Pakistani-led enterprises, Cheezious Pakistan has collaborated with the company. As part of this partnership, Cola Next beverages are now accessible at every Cheezious branch, displacing international beverages. Cheezious is deeply committed to fostering Pakistani enterprises across the nation, prioritizing the sustenance and growth of local businesses.

Through strategic partnerships collaborations, and initiatives, similar to that with Cola Next, Cheezious strives to provide a platform for local businesses to thrive and succeed. This includes showcasing their products, offering marketing support, facilitating networking opportunities, and providing access to resources and expertise. By championing the growth and sustainability of local businesses like Cola Next, Cheezious aims to contribute to the overall prosperity and well-being of Pakistan and its people.

Zohaib Hassan Head of Marketing for Cheezious Pakistan stated that, ‘As a well-established Pakistani household name, Cheezious recognizes the importance of nurturing and supporting local businesses in Pakistan. This commitment stems from a desire to contribute to the economic development and prosperity of the nation by empowering homegrown enterprises. Cheezious understands that local businesses play a crucial role in driving innovation, creating employment opportunities, and fostering a sense of community pride.’

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