InnoCSR, a South Korean social impact company, announced today that it has signed a new agreement with two major brick manufactures in Nepal, Eco Brick and Shiva Sakti Home Decorative, to share the company’s eco-friendly soil-based brick making technology. InnoCSR’s sustainable impact technology, with significant reduction in production time, is expected to aid the troubled Nepalese brick manufactures who have been facing disruptions in labor supply and global material shortage due to COVID-19.
“By partnering with Eco Brick and Shiva Sakti Home Decorative, we are able to help Nepal’s major brick makers increase productivity with fewer workers while cutting greenhouse emissions at the same time,” said Sam Yoonsuk Lee, CEO and Founder of InnoCSR. “The agreement signifies our continuous expansion in the country since our entry in 2018, and we believe our efforts in introducing impactful technologies will help Nepal both economically and socially.”
InnoCSR first introduced its non-fired soil-based brick making technology, Good Bricks System, to Nepal in 2018. The Good Bricks System uses a special soil stabilizer material technology to produce strong, global standard quality bricks. The technology reduces production time by up to 80%[1], while cutting greenhouse gas emissions as it does not require burning. Spending two years on feasibility study in Nepal, the Korean company successfully started commercialization in 2020 with its first partnership with a local company, Gorkha Innotech. InnoCSR has also initiated the Good Bricks Alliance, to which all the global Good Bricks System adopters are invited to be members of.
Eco Brick, a Nepalese company specializing in Compressed Soil Earth Bricks, underwent significant growth amidst the increasing demand for rehabilitation materials following the 2015 earthquakes in Nepal. Eco Brick CEO Binod Pahari, who has been training many aspiring professional masons in the country, is adopting InnoCSR’s technology to bring positive business and social changes. Shiva Sakti Home Decorative, led by Saugat K.C., is a concrete brick manufacturer with operations in eastern Nepal. In response to the growing market demands in the region, the company has decided to switch its methods from traditional concrete brick making to soil-based brick making. The two manufacturers will join InnoCSR’s Good Bricks Alliance to share the Good Bricks brand and also for future R&D cooperation with other members.
Since its inception in 2008, InnoCSR has been working with multinational corporations, governments, and global NGOs across Asia, to find and transfer technologies that create positive social, environmental, and financial impact. The advantages InnoCSR offers in terms of cost, labor intensity and the environment, have gained increasing recognition from international organizations and investors. In 2020, the Asian Development Bank (ADB), through its venture capital arm ADB Ventures, provided a $125,000 grant for the Good Bricks System to be used in Nepal.
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