International Women’s Day 2022 is a day to recognise and honour the female population for their contributions to society and organisations in a number of ways. Women from all walks of life are being celebrated thanks to social media platforms in particular. These applications are continually developing the ways in which women from all over the world can be brought to the forefront through hashtag challenges and campaigns.
Likee, one of the country’s most popular short video sharing platforms, is using social media to promote society’s ‘Queens.’ The platform’s #LikeeQueen2022 campaign is a month-long initiative that allows all content creators, not just females, to show their support for the sector of the population that makes important contributions to many parts of society building.

The promotion provides unique benefits such as personalised medals, as well as substantial traffic enhancement chances for spreading content to the most engaged producers, including recognition and personalised rewards. To be eligible, producers must publish at least three videos per week on the topic of women, their position in society, and the significance of properly empowering them. To get their videos recognised by the judges, users used the hashtags ##LikeeGirlsPowe or #GirlsUpUp.
Hundreds of creators from across the platform participated in the activity. With videos ranging from songs, poetry and skits to humorous takes on daily life situations, people from a variety of domains and niches posted to celebrate one of the most integral parts of society; women. Some of the most prominent creators shared their views about the developments and the campaign in general.

Talking about the impact that Likee is making on the lives of women, Ayesha Ali, a housewife and Youtuber wowing crowds on various platforms through her home remedies and daily life hacks stated: “My work on Likee helps promote happiness and positivity in various ways. Standing up for our rights is something even our religion stresses upon and I believe that my channels and videos help women do just that. I am a prime example of how hardwork and dedication can help women accomplish tasks that the world assumes that they can’t.”

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With social media especially short video sharing platforms people from any part of the world can showcase distinct skills that they have. This aspect is well highlighted by Amnah Khan who is a woman belonging to a remote area of Pakistan. She is utilizing the potential of social media to build a reputation for herself as a singer while becoming an inspiration for others at the same time. Her sweet voice and guitar playing skills provide her a unique edge in the field. Amnah participated in a TSA event bagging first place. She believes that being a girl means that we bring love and positivity to the world. 
All it takes then is to have a clear focus and keep pursuing your dreams. Sooner or later, you will get to the point where you want to be. Last but not the least, Samosii is a talented makeup artist and face painter earning fame due to her exquisite skills and the way she portrays them on social media. Expressing her views about women and the need to appreciate them Samosii noted that self-love and confidence provide the foundation for women to grow.

“We are four sisters with no brother therefore we had a strong challenge of creating a path of professional growth and recognition for ourselves in a male dominated society. Our family was strictly against the use of social media for girls but still we were able to change narratives and support our families at the same time.”
Commenting on the development, Likee Representative stated; “Women make up nearly half of the world’s population but their contributions to society are equally significant. As one of the country’s foremost short video sharing platforms, Likee aims to allow not just women but men as well to showcase their appreciation and efforts in empowering this segment completely. Our focus with the “Likee Queen Campaign is to allow audiences around the world and not just in Pakistan, to uniquely experience what women are capable of especially in today’s digitally enabled ecosystem.”
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